Euro Formula Ford | Racing - Affordable and Competitive

Euro Formula Ford is an affordable, competitive and “fun” open wheel series.  Choosing the Formula Ford was merely an outcome of researching a number of criteria, then choosing the direction;

  1. Must be open wheel
  2. Excellent car availability
  3. Parts and knowledge are readily available
  4. Average skill needed for setup and minor repairs
  5. Fairly easy and non time consuming prep between races
  6. Affordable to buy
  7. Affordable to campaign
Suffice to say, a Formula Ford on DOT tires has proven to be fun, affordable and very, very competitive. During the 2006 season we grew from 2 cars to 15 cars and at the end of 2013 we were 32 cars strong. Now, at the begining of 2015 we have 50 cars on the tires. Not always possible to get everyone to the track on the same weekend, and some cars are still under construction. It looks like we can count on about 60% participation, providing great wheel to wheel competetion lap after lap. We continue to grow and expect the 2015 racing season to be fun and exciting.
The 2015 season held a special surprise for our drivers. Normally our schedule is from January to December with the summer June to August off due to the desert heat. However, in June, July and August we joined the Formulatour1600 Group at the Montreal GP (during Formula One weekend), ICAR, Mont Tremblant and Trois Rivieres..  A total of 45-50 formula fords on track, what terrific events and the warm welcome we received from the Formulatour 1600 Group was outstanding!. Congratulations to Jim Edmonds winning the Masters Championship and Ken Herbst finishing 3rd in the Masters Championship. We are planning our 2016 Summer Tour to the East Coast, this time we will join SVRA at Road America, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glen. Should be a great 2016 summer tour! If you are interested in joining us, please contact Lisa to reserve your spot as we are only able to accommodate 10 cars.