Euro Formula Ford | Racing - Affordable and Competitive

2018 - Our 13th year of fun, competitive racing!

Euro Formula Ford is an affordable, competitive and “fun” open wheel series.  Choosing the Formula Ford was merely an outcome of researching a number of criteria, then choosing the direction;

  1. Must be open wheel
  2. Excellent car availability
  3. Parts and knowledge are readily available
  4. Average skill needed for setup and minor repairs
  5. Fairly easy and non time consuming prep between races
  6. Affordable to buy
  7. Affordable to campaign
Suffice to say, a Formula Ford on DOT tyres has proven to be fun, affordable and very, very competitive. During the 2006 season we grew from 2 cars to 15 cars and at the end of 2013 we were 32 cars strong. Now, as the 2018 season winds down we have approximately 30 cars on the tyres. Not always possible to get everyone to the track on the same weekend, and some cars are still under construction and/or repair. It looks like we can count on about 25% to 30% participation, providing great wheel to wheel competition lap after lap. We continue to grow and expect the 2018 racing season to continue the fun and excitiement. We are using the TOYO R888R, and that tyre has been approved by SVRA to run in their series, the FF Drivers Club in SoCal accepts it and it will continue to be the tyre used in the Canadian FF1600 Series during their 2019 Season.

We had a very successful and fun summer tour along the West Coast during 2018, racing at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point), Pacific Raceways in Kent WA near Seattle, Portland Internationa Raceway and ending at High Plains Raceway in Colorado. Stay tuned to this page for more information regarding the 2019 Canadian Summer Tour with races at Montreal F1 (support race!) and Mosport Vintage weekend, as well as additional races in Canada.    UPDATE!!    2019 is the official American 50th FF anniversary. We are planning on attending a few of the anniverary races, such as Willow Springs in March 2019, Road America in September 2019 (11th - 15th) and Road Atlanta in November 2019 (1st - 3rd)

I would also like to thank INDE Motorsports Ranch (IMR) for being so accommodating and making the EFF Group feel welcomed during their IMR Challenge weekends. There are a number of EFF drivers that have become IMR members and the track time they are getting at IMR definitely shows. The facility is stellar. Thank you INDE!

The EFF group will have a great contingent of Arizona cars returning to COTA in November for the 2018 SVRA season Championship with 4 days of racing on the rubber left by Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and the other Formula One stars!! We look forward to another exciting weekend.

Stay tuned for info and check the schedule page, as I endeavour to be a little more diligent with updates and working on more fun weekends.

See you at the races!



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