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The Flail

The Flail,

Is it an infantry weapon derived from an agricultural tool? Or maybe a medical term meaning to exhibit abnormal or pathological mobility, such as flail chest or flail joint? Or the third option, found in the lesser known “Dave’s Dictionary”, – v. the almost painful thrash to prepare racecars for an upcoming race weekend!

Wild Horse East - A Little Wild...

Let's get the obvious out of the way.  


Great racing at Inde! Weather cooperated unless you are from Alaska. New track to me but Jim E. gave a tour which really helped. Super turnout of EFFs with new people and new paint jobs. New people held up better than new paint. While I am thinking about paint, Jarred is the cause of my new paint not being so new.

Look At All Those Walls!

So the intrepid three musketeers, Jim, Scott and I arrive in Three Rivers, Trois Rivieres, for the Gran Prix.  This town takes their racing seriously.  We couldn’t even get a hotel closer than a 20 minute drive, although Lisa found us a great place.  Now to the racing.  If Mt Tremblant was all grass runoffs with 2 or 3 tire walls, Trois Rivieres was cement and tire allies the entire course with 2 or 3 ru

Mont Tremblant; A Great Track!

Tim has always talked about when he took the Russell Driving School in Mt Tremblant a few decades ago.  They wouldn’t let you go over 4500 rpm—bummer.  The Russell School now is for carting-only, so off we go to Mt Tremblant, thanks to Jens and Lisa, to increase the rpm to acceptable EFF levels.  What a day on Friday.  The track wanted to make sure we were adequately trained so we were given seven, count

Tentative Dates for Canadian Summer Tour 2015

Back by popular demand we will spend our summer in Canada for the EFF Canadian Summer Tour 2015. Below are the tentative dates if you would like to join us.


The EFF Canadian Summer Tour 2014 finished up in the beautiful city of Trois Rivieres. The GP3R is where you will find some of the best race fans anywhere. From the party in downtown Trois Rivieres, the local shops and restaurants, all come out to support this great event know as the "Monaco" of Canada.

Mont Tremblant Report 2014

We are back in the oven after the second trip to Canada. This time we went to Mont Tremblant and enjoyed an incredible weekend at a phenomenal track. A very tricky circuit, undulating through the countryside, very fast and ultimately unforgiving.


The road trip to Montreal with all the equipment in tow is always an adventure. After loading all the cars, equipment, parts, luggage etc and a midnight repair on the trailer lights, we finally left AZ 6 hours behind schedule. Lots of road construction  through the mid west, but thankfully no storms or high winds to contend with.

Formula Fords Not Comfortable.....Think Again!

I think these photos say it all. Formula Fords are so comfortable you might even fall asleep in them....or you're just waiting for Dave to finish his gear change. Either way - sweet dreams Savina.