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Tentative Dates for Canadian Summer Tour 2015

Back by popular demand we will spend our summer in Canada for the EFF Canadian Summer Tour 2015. Below are the tentative dates if you would like to join us.

Mont Tremblant Report 2014

We are back in the oven after the second trip to Canada. This time we went to Mont Tremblant and enjoyed an incredible weekend at a phenomenal track. A very tricky circuit, undulating through the countryside, very fast and ultimately unforgiving. Always climbing, dropping, on camber then off camber turns, turns coming at you quickly, blind entry, reducing radius/off camber/ dropping away … need to get on the gas early as this leads on to the front straight, oops, wall over there on corner exit .. on the gas! On the gas! Take a quick breath, turn one is coming!!


The road trip to Montreal with all the equipment in tow is always an adventure. After loading all the cars, equipment, parts, luggage etc and a midnight repair on the trailer lights, we finally left AZ 6 hours behind schedule. Lots of road construction  through the mid west, but thankfully no storms or high winds to contend with.

Formula Fords Not Comfortable.....Think Again!

I think these photos say it all. Formula Fords are so comfortable you might even fall asleep in them....or you're just waiting for Dave to finish his gear change. Either way - sweet dreams Savina.



LEATT Partners with Eformulaford Group

The eformulaford group would like to welcome our newest partner Leatt-Brace®. Leatt is sponsoring all eformulaford drivers with their new MRX head and neck restraint system built specifically for Motorsports.

AMP - Best day!

 Best day at track. Great group of guys to race against. Good example was final race at AMP. Everyone agreed to start a reverse order with a five second spacing.

Thanks EFF!

I’m writing to thank all the Euro Formula Ford guys and gals for welcoming me to my first weekend of road racing. I rented the Hammerhead Racing Zink Z-10 car, when I got to the track the mechanics were finishing up their check lists and my name was on the car! The Z-10 performed flawlessly all weekend (2 days, approx 2.5 hours of racing) and was very predictable and forgiving, very fast too.

West is far.

Saturday - Practice. 22 cars take to the track. A black flag before the completion of the second lap will slow things down a bit!

Racing Peeps

Racing PeepsCheck out this great photo Marshall found. Have a Happy Easter Everyone! See ya'll in the fall....

Marshall and Sara


The Best of Racing!

What makes EFF the greatest is the competition. Regardless of how great of a driver you are there is always someone to race against. The biggest group is the West track times of 1:05 to 1:06 , five to eight cars in this time slot. But there are the overachievers, some of which can start at the back of the starting grid and still beat everyone including the high performance cars.