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Good afternoon. Well, I am finally getting around to sending out another letter. It seems as if we are either at the track racing or in the shop working on cars. It is so cool.

Anyway, we had a really fun time in January at the East track. Racing is getting incredibly close, and there was some touchy - feely racing. Numerous liveries were added to with black marks, and a number of cars were sporting brightly coloured sidewalls. Tom's brand new day old paint job was improved, and he responded by setting very fast lap times. By Sunday there was just over a second between the top 3 cars, and a second or so behind there was a gaggle of cars separated by about a second.

The new tyres seems to be much more stable under braking and cornering and each and every driver has stepped up their game. It is truly fun to watch, and Lisa and I would like to thank everyone for coming out and driving.

Now for the driver updates;

Camren Kaminsky will be running in the Pacific 2000 West series, with a few select East Coast races, so we wish him good luck, and I believe some drivers are offering to pay him NOT to coach Tom. Hey, he has to pay for the racing one way or the other! Camren is plenty quick, as we all found out,(damn-it) and look forward to him setting the pace in the 2000 series.

Jared has his new hip, and apparently is already chasing Ria all over the house. He claims it is part of the rehab; Ria is not so sure. Jared will be at the Awards Banquet and plans a track return in March.

Tim H is about to start his long ordeal. I have a web page address for the people that would like to follow, so let me know if you would like it. Tim is planning to be back in September at Willcox

Remember that Saturday February 11th is the Awards Banquet at Bondurant. See you there.

Regards, Jens, Lisa and Savina