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Getting Started

YES, you can buy a ready to race car for around $12,500. Today. Really!!

Just how do you get started in EFF??

The sanctioning body we compete under is Pro Auto Sports (www.ProAutoSports.com). There are classes from Street Cars to Race Cars, and they also run Go-Karts.
The main benefit to this organization is that every race weekend they have a driver school. Finally, an organization with the driver in mind. Everything is easy and convenient; from registration, signing in at the track (pick up your driver package on the way in, that’s it), tech (part honor and part roving tech inspector), self gridding and a very relaxed environment. This is catering more toward the fun racer than the ‘Red mist’ National driver. Pro Auto also has a damage rule; if a driver causes an avoidable incident, the errant driver is asked to pay for the damage. These are all discussed in the driving school, and shown in track sessions.
What makes this so beneficial to our series is if someone is interested in trying it, they only have to wait for the next race weekend!
Probably the easiest approach is to spend a day at the track on a race weekend in a street car beginner/student group. An instructor rides with you, and the classroom sessions familiarize the new driver with the flags, procedures and other basic track knowledge. This is then practiced in numerous on track sessions, and there is not much time for socializing. That means the Sunday can be spent in the EFF camp talking to all the drivers and getting to know the cars, what to look for and the work needed to keep the car running.
We do have a couple of rental cars that can be tried on for size. A weekend in one of these should make the decision to join in the fun a little less trying, as the initial outlay is a lot less than buying a car and then deciding it is not for you.
OK. What does it cost?
Cars can be purchased from $10,000 to $18,000 for a running, reasonably ready to go car. It is a better bet to buy a car that is complete, ready to go. If you are very capable mechanically, cars can be purchased for $5,000, sometimes less, but plan on spending hours and hours of labour and lots of money ($4,000 to $6,000) to get it ready. Spending more money for the latest whiz-bang technology may not be quite as necessary on DOT tyres. Spend the money on seat time!
You will also need driver gear, and this will set you back $2,000 to $3,000 for the complete package. Do not skimp on this step! Enough said.
You will also need basic tools, a trailer, and a means of getting this assemblage to the track.
Basic prep takes 6 to 8 hours between race weekends, and there are shops that can help with the major items as needed. We have prep checklists to assist in the process, and all the drivers are all willing to help with knowledge and skill. Just ask!
If nothing else, come out and visit on a race weekend and ask questions. This may be all for fun, but once the green flag waves everyone runs very, very hard, and competes at the max that they want to. There are enough cars now that there is always someone to race with.
Please feel free to get in touch with us. Come join the fun.
Regards, Jens.
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